the dotted line

Its what a school is all about the training to follow the dotted line..Its about just being like others . Not any different . The similar dress, haircut, similar thinking , presentation everything. Its for the teacher to trim the  frills, soften the sharp edges, even if it means  making the learners  a little more duller, automatons who churn out notebooks with red lines, projects which are presentable .  Its all about uniformity, notebooks with a  long authoritative tick. Its about fitting in and never standing out . Its about writing just what is needed not more , not less, in the ordinary language lest examiners penalize verbosity, pedantry general showing off. Its about what you can do in that limited space and forge ahead..make a difference ..after all the differences have been ironed out. That’s what  a school is all about ..creating photocopies , those who think alike and work alike and do what is told.

Once in a while there comes a someone who refuses to walk the dotted line  and there’s hue and cry..humiliations in PTA meetings, expressions of anger , helplessness.. and then as if out of the blue ..the unpredictability of life .. life that never follows the dotted line..just when life  has fit into a pattern,…the  fickleness of it all is exposed  ..yet the dotted line beckons..

A spirited youth left for the heavenly abode yesterday…Akshay RIP


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