Counter with confidence

One benefit of  teaching as a profession  is the endless opportunities it provides one to serve wisdom on a platter .Not that the listener is always keen! But it does pay to listen to the finer nuances of learning in a classroom . Nuggets of wisdom from the young!

Its amazing how children carry such wisdom on their young shoulders and they carry it lightly too. While  pointing out errors in language  to a student , I was stumped to silence when the student countered nonchalantly  that he was a good shooter, a great swimmer and excellent at carpentry. Does it matter so much that his English is not so great ?

To every individual who dithers at the threshold of confidence ,think of those moments of your personal greatness ..the smallest of the smallest achievements  and that build your self belief on those because you are what you think you are! There is so much more to you than what anybody might read in you or refuse to read in you.

The society sets up numerous  standards  and constantly nudges you to try  measuring yourself against them… the charmer, the handsome hunk, the diva, the sports star, the hard working student, the most obedient, parent’s pride , the super successful so on and so forth . The ads , the films , the need for the likes all build up the steam.

For you to be truly happy , forget what is expected of you and just be yourself , be true to your own expectations , dreams and aspirations ..the rest is bound to follow!


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