The Insecure Leader!!!

There he stood benign, kind,a broad smile gracing his face. He looked ready to jump to help you. He joked and shared an anecdote. There was nothing about him that suggested animosity. There was nothing of a villain about him or his manners or speech. It was natural for the other to expect utmost co-operation and support and guidance from him. So the other did just that. Waited for commands, suggestions and advice in good faith. He knew  that his well-wisher was gracious enough to allow him grow, prosper,flourish. This was not to be! He realized with a sudden shock. Unexpected as it was, it left him unprepared to face the consequences. How could he have perceived the fox in the coat of a sheep? How could he have seen that his well -wisher was so entangled in his own insecurities to be able to be his mentor , guide and captain? The situation was precarious. Here was a picture that looked perfect , the ruptures safely hidden,camouflaged,brushed under. But there they were, glaring , unmistakably true. He could not convince his friends or colleagues of what he faced,because it was clear to all that he was lucky to have a cool mentor, a caring and understanding one. Fight or flight??? what does the instinct suggest? Flight!!! It’s also true that this is the very nature of life. To surprise and shock you, to bring to face to face with realities which you would have dismissed as fantasies.

So, he decides to put up a fight. He consoles himself that its not the first time that he has come face to face with deception. He has it in him to face it and accept the verdict , whatever it maybe. So fight he will and win !!!


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