Togetherness at Toastmasters

If you want to go fast, go alone ; if you want to go far, go together is a famous  African proverb. Some nations,in spite of  deep racial differences have been able to bring people together without much prodding,for causes that matter. And you think of India where people have been been divided along the lines of caste and creed for centuries. These barriers so embedded in the psyche of the average Indian prevents him from joining hands with others for a common cause. Yes, there is an occasional sense of unity, of togetherness, a common will like during a cricket match, or when dealing with a wily neighbour but that is mostly superficial. For instance, it would not occur for people in this part of the world to think of cleanliness as a common cause. The average Indian is happy that his house is clean , he has water , his children are going to school and he can afford to help himself out of difficulties. He is in general a family person. To him, himself, his family, then his clan,then those of his caste, then the state and then the country matters in that order.Now, there are exceptions but they are not many. I was wondering why no Indian would ever think of using the power of togetherness in overcoming the fear of public speaking, a rather individual skill.The power of togetherness is so crucial for the success of any movement, the Indian freedom struggle is a grand example. Neither the revival of sanskrit, nor  the success of Swach Bharat  can become a reality with out a sense of belonging.

Ralph C Smedley, started Toastmasters Club, a place that is meant solely for awakening yourself on your own. Yes, its interesting that Toastmasters provides a means to find your own moorings. Its not long since I have been a part of this club, but ever since I have been, I can’t seem to wait till it is the next meeting. Maybe it is a personal thing, maybe its because I rather love speaking on stage. But mostly there are people at toast masters because they want to shed their fear, fear of public speaking.  I do wish I had known about this earlier in my life, but then, all that happens in life, happens in good time. So to toastmasters,many cheers!!!


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