The Speaking Universe

So,you thought that you are destined to live your life the way it panned out and there is nothing you can do to change it. What made you come to this conclusion?  The astrological charts which detailed your life’s critical moments, the friend who slighted you, your father who refused to believe in your dream or your girlfriend who walked away because your dreams were too absurd?!!!

For once, it would be being kind to yourself if you were to listen to the signs from the powers around , the subtle ,faint voices which you  drown with your logic and common sense .Those that makes sense to you and only to you! For instance , remember how you were down in the dumps when a single hand reached out to you, a  bright smile came your way, a child called out for you, a pet that rushed to greet you.

Being connected to who you are,realizing the very impermanence of life ,helps you to be happy.It is necessary to be tuned to your own self , the subtle signs of your body, those images,those ideas that flash into your mind, those actions or deeds which seemed to be aimed at you alone, the dreams you have,where your mind tries to communicate to you.Its equally important to hold on to what makes you happy, truly happy.

I heard someone say,” You are responsible for your happiness, always pursue it”.Indeed ,if you can bring happiness to others,only by first being happy yourself, then ,why ignore it at all? Those who forget or forego their happiness under the guise of busy life and responsibilities end up being disgruntled unhappy souls, who feel cheated. Carpe diem,seize the day. Live life as it is. Tune in to the Speaking Universe!


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