Dream chasing

Growing up,I had dreamed of becoming a columnist, whose Sunday columns would be such a rage that the world would wait for it to be a Sunday. Fantasies!!! who doesn’t have them? But seriously, if you want to become a force to reckon with in a field of your choice all you have to do is to be at it with dedication. At least, that’s what the TED talk I watched  yesterday told me. There was this illustrator who said , he drew cartoons for 1 hour everyday for 1 year and became such a master in his craft that he went on to become famous and even give a TED talk. Wow!!!

How many of us have the perseverance to do something everyday, day after day with the same enthusiasm and dedication. Surely, if we can manage that much of commitment to our cause,tangible results are bound to follow.

Wisdom dawned on to me post 40 years of living.Too late ,but as they say, its better late than never. I watch the youngsters today, and I must say I am impressed by those among them who seem to know where they are going. Such clarity of thought. Such courage. Wish I had met a few of them earlier in my life!!!

Well! Coming back to my struggles in meeting my goals. I had been trying to catch the rising sun for a month now. I set targets,alarms but yes, the Sun beats me to it all the time. In a span of 30 days, I have met the rising sun for about 3 times. Talk about goal setting! So I decided to put it up here. To be an early riser every day and to write.. write every single day. Will that  get me to my childhood dream of  being a writer whose words stirred the world!!! Hopefully!!!

When I left teaching, I told my students that I am going to be a content writer and they cleverly skipped content and focused on writer,sincerely wishing me success in my endeavour, promising to make my book a best -seller. Once in a while , I have to answer earnest queries about the progress of my work and I usually give some vague answer leaving me cringing  in shame later. It so happened that recently at  Dhwani Toastmasters Club, we invited a writer, Dr. Sibichen Mathew. After his educational session, he announced that he was going to gift a book to the audience and he walked up to me saying, I had been the most receptive to learning in the audience that evening and handed the book . I was speechless!!! Is it providence?  For someone who reads signs into everything , it certainly seemed so. Now you know what reaffirmed my wish to write…..

Let’s be at it, at our efforts to meet our own goals…

So long, Cheers to success!!! Yours and mine!

The Dangerous Waiting Game

She knew she had the potential.She believed in her abilities and sincerely hoped to make it big one day. But this day, she said when her friends refused to acknowledge her, she shall let it pass. She would not bother about their belittling her.It did not matter in the long run when the world would be forced to know her and salute her talents. Its interesting how, we allow others to determine what we are. Its even  more bewildering when one allows others to override oneself believing firmly, my time shall come, till then , I will let it pass. Really???

This gentleman is a believer, having lived some 50 years of his life on the planet, he chooses to  believe that the universe is going to orchestrate a chance meeting with an all knowing soul who will eventually catapult him to success and fame. What a comforting thought!!!

We are all waiting for that grand moment, the moment when light will dawn, dawn on others. We are waiting for  that perfect moment when we will step in to the world, that one aha moment, when the world in spite of her self will be forced to see what you are and cannot but notice and applaud!

The plan is grandiose, no doubt, but one thing is missing and that is action. Action from you, effort from you. There is  a lack of self–belief ,an inability to live in the moment that makes you choose such a route of escape. As someone rightly said, life is what happens, when we are making other plans!!!! My suggestion, live in the moment. Stand up for yourself . Don’t allow others to walk all over you. Believe me when I say, no one  can stand up for somebody who does not have the courage to fight for himself. Second, don’t wait for grand moments, make your own moment of grandeur, Now. Do what you can now, to make that dream moment happen. Don’t delay because in your delay, you are being trapped in your game, the waiting game!