Gravitating towards meditation

Wasn’t that some mind blowing experience,says Anuradha, her face glistening. I am about to ask her about the latest facial when she lets me into her secret. You know what, says she,I had never thought of meditation. I  had thought that its something my jobless husband did for three to four hours in the pooja room, because well, he is the lazy,lethargic kind. The kind who loves the state of inertia  so much that mountains fail to move him. Amused, I look at her with that definite nod, which says tell me more.

She continues, life is not easy you see, lekhs, when you are running around running the family,literally, when the other party has just put his hands up and expects you to get things done,everything from earning, to cooking, to getting provisions, to managing kids, to finances and even his grumbling mother.It can’t be easy, right? I nod encouragingly,I have enough sense not to interrupt Anu, when she is in full steam…My life, my way was not exactly unknown in my times, but then, I never had courage,nor encouragement to venture out earlier. Now that I have kinda decided that the remote control of my life stays firmly in my hands and that no body, nobody who has nothing to do with my happiness, will  cause me any unhappiness, I am freer, happier and yes, more adventurous.  So I decide to go, to go to a session on meditation. Then they say connect with the womb!!! I am curious, what’s that now??? I  had thought that that  bag was now useless, having done its part and had never thought of it, not like I think of my poor heart, for instance. I expect  nothing but I experience something strange….Interesting, I think  and sit there with my eyes closed, enjoying that feeling.It is my first experience of such a kind and definitely not my last. Why did I not know this earlier?, Anu sighed.

I looked at my beloved friend with a renewed respect. A gentle breeze blew and as she reached out for the coffee cup, I stared at the lonely rose in my flower garden. It seemed to say something…..


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