Rama got up from her seat went across to the other  team and started talking animatedly to a young man.  Her curly hair parted sideways, her beautiful eyes nicely made up, she always managed to turn a few heads whenever she got up from her place.

The young man stood up, his body language receptive, his wrinkled fore head clearly indicative of his desire  to help. After the exchange, he nodded his head, looked down and then smiled .He seemed to correct her about something and moved his hand to that effect. Finally his shoulders drooped  as he casually reached his hands into his pocket and let  her go with an assuring nod.She went back to her seat.

In another half an hour Rama was up again, heading towards the young man and he straightened his back and tilted his head to her. Presently he  got up from his space and walked towards her, his back  bent trying to catch her feeble voice.  Rama followed  her colleague’s  gaze when he suddenly stopped in his track  and saw her   rather plump chirpy colleague  stare hard  at him.

The guilt in the youngman’s  demeanour was instant and palpable. He looked sheepishly at the girl, turned to Rama with a dismissive shrug and walked away.Rama stood there for a few seconds, trying to make sense of what had happened. Later she stomped purposefully to her place and typed away furiously.


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