Doting Dads and Daughters

The little girl all of 2 years was adamant. She said she wanted the book. The book was called ‘Bachke Rahna Re Baba’.  The father took his little one’s command seriously and one sunny after noon, set out to  scour the book shops in the area  asking for the book “Bachke Rahna Re Baba’. His wife  tried her best to assure that there was no such thing.

It was a sight to watch, the little one barely up to the man’s knee walking into one bookstore after another, demanding, Uncle, Bachke Rahna Re Baba book. One amused store keeper  walked up to pick the little one and place her on the table. The girl repeated her demand, as her dad stood firmly by her side. He finally took out a toffee to placate his stubborn customer. Turning to the father and said, Sir, there’s no such book. The father looked at him incredulously. How could  that be?

Though I can never fully listen to what ever my wife has to say, I never run out of patience with my little girl, however demanding she may be. In fact, I absolutely love it when she demands something of me, it makes me feel special, drooled a dad.

What is it about dads and daughters that creates that tender bond, the envy of the wives and the mothers? For his daughter, he will move mountains, a wife comments sarcastically.

Nehru’s Letters to  a daughter  from a father, speaks volumes of the father’s affection and the desire to share what he knew  with his daughter. In The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank presents a rare camaraderie she shared with Otto Frank, her father who was  diagonally opposite to her authoritarian and biased mother.

Seetha is 10 years old. She wants to become a fejion dejiner(fashion designer),her father tells me. She is very good,he beams. Though he could never complete his studies, he sees to it that his daughter attends special English classes. Its very important, he says. Yeshaswini is a bright girl and if I ask her who bought her this or that, she always says,my papa, pride shining in her eyes.

Recently Todd Bachman pulled up his daughter’s step father Todd Cendrosky to help him walk OUR daughter, Brittany Peck down the aisle, touching  a chord with numerous step fathers across the world

Doting dads and adoring daughters, a sacred bond !!!


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