The waiting room

Anu sat with her hands folded on her lap. It was an extremely cold winter morning. Her silk saree creased around her belly clinging to it shamelessly. She looked down and almost unconsciously pulled her belly in. It was not that prominent after all. Whither you come ‘muffin’? She smiled at accumulated fat in affection. A plum pay package does not cure everything, does it???!!!

At 40, Anu looked a good ten years younger. Her friends insisted that it was for a good reason. She can still make some noise in the matrimonial market. Her ever enthusiastic parents never tired off visiting the  match makers in town and together they tracked  every divorcee, every widower and every balding youth with diligence. This should do, no, this, Anu, look at this!!! Anu, pushed aside all their suggestions, ‘do you seriously think that with all the travel and global exposure that I have, I will go with what you suggest???!!!’

Achan picked it up as the thread for nitpicking and said ‘as if you find hoards of men queuing up for you!!! Did we ever say no to you, Anu?’ ‘My daughter is not yet settled, Amma let out a dramatic sigh!

Settled indeed!!! Anu rolled her eyes. She was reminded of her younger sister Taru now happily  married. One major item ticked off, Amma had gleefully announced. Now, what do I do with you? she had asked turning to her.

Taru had sorted out her life in fifth standard announcing to anyone who cared to listen that it was her ambition to marry, have 3 kids and settle down in Bangalore. Some yaksha/kinnara/gandharva  must have said, tathastu! So be it!

Taru seemed to have evoked the power of attraction. While Amma was impressed by Rahul’s looks and gentle manners, Achan drooled over his pedigree and bank balance. Made for each other, really! Her darling sister, always knows what to get in life and how!!!

Anu glanced at the watch. Hmm… it’s time for another boy-man visit. This time something tugged at her heart. The eyes or the mustache?!! Must be the  dyed hair!  Anu’s fingers twirled at a lock of her dark chocolate mane.

The train whistled as it approached the platform breaking her reverie. Anu picked up her luggage and walked purposefully….



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