The story teller & Tamasha

What is life if its not a Tamasha? A continuous streaming of roles, till the time the curtain draws. In spite of  it being so isn’t it commendable that man is able to take the business of living so seriously even to the point of making others lives miserable.

The endless regulations and expectations  in the name of spiritual, religious or linguistic background of a person  on what he should wear,who he should talk to, what he should think,read,eat, enjoy etc  seriously  cripples his  natural brilliance.  Rousseau rightly remarked that man is born free, but in chains every where.Why do children have to bear the brunt of unfulfilled parental ambitions? Why isn’t there space in the society for the alternative? What is culture but shared human practices and memories?

There have been movies in Indian cinema which questioned the traditional rigour of living up to expectations  but Tamasha sets a new mile stone in terms of breaking a few existing frames. It allows an altogether fresh perspective of love,life and career.The nuanced performances of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone make it a pleasurable watch triggering intense mulling and introspection.

There is nothing heroic about struggling with choices thrust on you if you are an Indian,most of us do that. If you are able to break free, then that’s something to talk about. When I ask students about their ambition they generally tell me of their desire to get a good job and settle down-settling down- implying marriage,own a flat, have 2 kids etc.

What Tamasha does is to stand out as a movie  that marks the coming of age of The Story teller, the new age protagonist and perhaps a new career option?


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