Raghavan Writes

By the window,sat Raghavan of Grade III a sturdy little fellow  who was writing neatly in the middle of each page, making  small neat islands of written matter.He wrote a little jerked his hand twice, nudged his friend smiled and peered at the board.

When I entered the class later, Raghavan was wrestling with a rather soggy sandwich,after some regular niceties I said, you write so neatly but why are you writing in the middle of the page?

Raghavan shrugged in  reply just like that only, mam.Tell me,I persisted.

See the board, he said, Anu mam is writing in the centre only no. He was right,Anu had written in the centre of the black board and the sides were filled with some other routine details.

Mam writes in the middle only  and I also write like that only. He assured me with a smile.

But will you now start writing from the margin,I said. Ok,no problem…he agreed in hurry and turned back to his sandwich.



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