Seek and you shall find!

Are you brave enough to ask?

Do you have it in you to go out and seek?

Would you rather be the Ms.Know-It- All even when a google search won’t do much for you? Or would you  seek help and trust another person enough to allow him/her to help you?

Ratan stared hard at the clock. Time was running out. He knew he would not be able to make it . The imaginary consequences of  his inaction slumped him down to weariness. But he could not think of  asking for help.. he sat motionless,dreading the worst.The next day Chandrika asked  him over  a cup of tea , why didn’t you tell me? I would have helped you out…

Aravind was a proud topper at school. He enjoyed every moment of his life ,yet a certain unease was settling down on him. He was losing interest in  studies, school and everything else.When Nithin his only rival in the class started performing well, Aravind felt a pang of  jealousy. He wanted to recover his lost glory. He did not know how. He was too scared of being teased if he asked for help…After the exams, Nithin called him,what happened brother, why didn’t you come to my house? We could have studied together…

Lonely and isolated, Anu’s battle with tears continued unobtrusively. She was overwhelmed by the  inner turmoil that left her sleepless and tired. She noticed the changes that were manifesting in her behavior but like an indifferent observer she shrugged them off ,refusing to seek professional help from a counselor.

Instances such as these are one too many….

What stops us from asking for help?

Why are we so afraid of reaching out?

When I first  met Amita, my friend and my counselor,I was pleasantly surprised by her ability to understand and empathize with me. When I looked at myself through her eyes, I felt rather good about who I am. In fact I realized that the naive,meek,diffident girl that I was would be very proud to meet the woman that I am.

Friends like Amita,Aditi,Maya..have helped me sail through some of the most trying times.The  cure to loneliness is perhaps to step out and seek..

Seek and you shall find…











Shadowing! I laugh when Rama confesses her crime to me.

Apparently there’s this young couple in her office who follow elaborate rituals to keep their love safe from the prying eyes of their colleagues. Each day after work the young man and the beautiful girl leave the office at different times and  meet far away. My good friend, harmlessly ambling to her vehicle bump right into them.The girl turns a bright crimson,the boy speeds his vehicle and swoosh! they vanish.

The second time, the boy parked his bike at a farther location,awaiting the arrival of his paramour. When the girl huffed and puffed on to the bike and turned, guess who she met ??? Rama!!! This time she gave Rama a rather nasty look that sent shivers down her spine.

I was beginning to suspect Rama’s intentions, when she told me that the young man was on a long leave . Saved from your evil eyes, I exclaim.

The next day, Rama was dancing her way  to a nearby theater in the twilight eager to experience a drama in the real sense when she stopped herself from bumping into someone. She looked up, looked down,hunched her shoulders and disappeared in the melee. Luckily they had not seen her this time, thank god!

You are a curious cat, I tease Rama. I have  the  super natural ability to sense romance in the air, Rama declares in self-appreciation.

I think about the couple,what makes them guard their love so fiercely? Why so secretive?

It is not difficult to guess the answer.