The talent of being upset

The spectacular ability to be upset day in and day out,every single moment of one’s upsetting life requires some phenomenal talent.

Here’s a  gentleman who blames his parents, his grand parents, his religion, the language he speaks, the country he is born into, the people he lives with for pretty much everything that goes wrong with him.

The roads are chaotic,the weather is hot,the sky is blue,the child is lively, the gift is too expensive, there is too much love and  food is delicious …not an event occurs that does not merit a sulk and a long face!

This one believes that whole world is full of cheats, the auto rickshaw wallah, the milk man, the vegetable seller, the beggar on road, the owner of the house, the boss, the child, the wife and all most every body else are cheats of the first order, their evil eyes fixed on extracting  the last penny in his pocket.

Another poor soul starts her day ranting against the maid who helps her keep her home clean. Then she turns her attention to the inept government for her lapsed insurance , her hair fall, poor nerves,her father,her sons, her relatives, her neighbors and the monkeys who walk in stealthily to  vanish with her vegetables.

She yearns for those  times  yonder when her skin glowed, her hair flew and the wind blew gently caressing her unhappy soul.

There are forums where we discuss of what the government is not doing, the municipality is sleeping, the officials are cheating as we go on to  quietly dispose the garbage in the empty plot next door, occupy the footpath in the name of renovation, party on the road ,leave the garbage to rot and stubbornly refuse to sort waste.

So whether its Diwali or Christmas or another cricket match, we insist on leaving the place dirtier than it was… of course, we don’t like cleaning up , what are servants for?

So we surreptitiously chuck the used plates and cups beneath the chair in the theater, wedding hall or the park and shout from the roof tops of the poor civic sense in the country. We drain the waste into the nearby lakes from our plush residences and complain of frothing lakes and fuming waters and an indifferent nature! OMG! What an upsetting life!




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