a chocolate escape

Recurrent attacks of cold and fever troubled her. The frequency of migraine had shot up. A few days ago,  as she lay in her room alone, she decided it was her last day on the planet. The head ache was severe and merciless.  Every nerve in her young body complained and there was no one to turn to for help or relief.

When she called home, her mom insisted that she come back. It was enough of her high handedness and her love for independence. It was time to settle down.

The poor girl kept the phone down. She had not bargained for this. When she traveled to the city at the age of 18, she had decided to pursue her studies at her own expense. Managing studies and part time work was not easy, but she was  proud of being able to do that. These 7 years she said, I never asked for a penny from home.I never demanded anything. My mother though does not understand, she says, I earn and don’t give them anything. Does she know about my expenses, how I  have managed all these years? She sighed.

It was a joke in the family that  because she had refused many prospective grooms earlier, now  they were unable to find a match for her.Her small face looked drained of energy.  The enthusiastic girl who proudly drove her new bike to office was not in her elements any more.With her younger daughter getting good proposals, her mother was in a hurry to get the elder one married off at the earliest.

Work, room mates, parents, sister , Anu touched her forehead wearily, she was tired , she said, really this was too much.

What do you do for yourself, Anu? Nothing comes the reply, what is there to do for myself? She asks indignantly.

Watch a movie, a play, eat out, try new friends, a boy friend may be, I tease. Oh no, my parents will kill me! But I will have an ice cream, a chocolate ice cream with you,come lets go..And we go looking for a Chocolate escape!



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