Those well earned fine lines…

Annie dug into her last reservoir of courage to grapple with the challenges life posed in front of her.

Disease. Death. Joblessness. Indifference. Loneliness.

When the  very effort of morale boosting started to drain her energy she stopped mending the unwilling wall.

She decided to  focus inward. She paid attention to her skills and abilities and decided to work more on them.

A family of four and a single bread winner.

She  looked at her modest abilities and shuddered.

It was clear that she wanted a better life. It was clear that for her children, it was the best she could do. So she did.

She decided to explore and try what the world has to offer. Over the years  she stood up to take charge, to bundle responsibilities, to put up a brave face, to be  the so  called man of the family.

Yet she still found joys in her life and reasons to celebrate.

Yesterday noticing the fine lines beneath her eyes, I remarked lightly, age is catching up with you, lady!

Annie went to the mirror. These are my  badges of honor, she smiled.

Caressing them lovingly she added that the fine lines beneath her eyes and the callused hands are her reward for hard work. She was not ashamed of them.

Brave and aging beautifully, now, isn’t that a deadly combination?


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