Simian thoughts

Now don’t get me wrong. She chided her man and handed the kid over to him.

It was hot, very hot and they had just found a cool corner on the wall to prop themselves up.

I  don’t expect you to baby sit while I go scouring for food. The man looked at her,his eyes pleading. The baby tilted its head. She stroked its head and stood up. A jump later she had reached the balcony.

She sat on the swinging chair to see what’s up in the house. When she felt reassured of the absence of watchful eyes, she slyly moved to the door, opened it and stepped in. Inside she moved swiftly to the vegetable basket.

These men, they will never share what they have. She picked up a potato and was about to leave, when she heard a man scream, monkey, hoo..haa..goooo…what? she looked around. Who’s the fellow calling? She stepped forward and jeered at him and the man backed off.

She turned to take two more potatoes and moved off. While she was already about to jump, she heard it again, monkey, hoo…ha…. goooo… going man! she  said to herself and jumped again to reach her man and child. It would be many days before they had another meal……


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