@Start up

The trouble of a start up

is just that

it’s always  kinda starting up

and you are startled

when month ends

merge into month beginnings

& it prolongs to month middles

and you are kinda struggling

but there’s something about

the start up

that is scoffed at

so you say in a muffled voice

I manage this, I head that

but I am with a start up

and it can  shut up (anytime)

I mean shut down, u see

but it does sort of  make sense

when you are 2  score and more

and still kinda starting up yourself .

well, every life is a start up

besides,who was ever born established?


In your shoes

It must be difficult

for you

to see me as I am

to know me as I am


To know that you did not know

what I will be

to you

to me

in the years to come.


I see it too

the difficulty of being what I am as I am now

the difficulty of being what I am now to  you

but the difficulty ,then is really upon me

after all its all about me

and honestly I never knew this me.