Sonny boy,said mamma

Sonny boy, said mamma.Get up see the wind, the bright sky, your wife is out for a stroll . Watch her close.Dont be a cuckold.

Sonny boy, said mamma.Cooked,gheed and buttered all for you, I bring you just what you want.Your wife is arrogant these days. Have you noticed?

Sonny boy, said mamma,she spoils the kid. Too carefree.Too lost. And never tell her she’s any good lest she lose her head.

Sonny boy,remember how  I fought tra-la-la for your prestige. I cursed them black and white and they ran, tails tucked beneath their legs.

Sonny boy, your kid is lost. Your wife no more yours.

Sonny boy, your mamma loves you the best. You forget that and you are doomed. Your brother is for sure…

Pack up and let’s go.I got a new bride for you. This one looks domesticated enough.

I studied her palms.I studied her face. I even studied her godamned ass.

No fire, no air. Just the kind to put food on the table. Not the kind for fun or laughter or music.It drains you so.

I’ll fix you up soon and that’s a promise.

Sonny boy ,a child at 50 turned, farted and cried. Mamma, I trust no one but you.




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