Listen In

For often a thought, a desire, a feeling arises in your heart, reaches your mind and demands an action.

Something as simple as drinking a glass of water or going to the loo.

Or the need to ask a question, meet a person, reach out to a friend, or simply take a different route to the office.

At times, you are at the threshold of a great action in your life and you are perturbed. There’s a sinking feeling in your heart.

You  feel that this is not right. You don’t want this or that you are not ready for it.

But you let it happen.

You watch the consequences of the inaction as they play out in front of you.

You want to  step out of the vicious circle  you created.

You like to think of others who are to be blamed. You realise how you almost had no hand in it. You remember you never wanted it this way .

Yet you forget you did not stop the chain of actions unfolding in front of you, involving you.

You refused to stand up for what you wanted, clean air, a happy family, love, career.

You gave in without a fight.

You did not even exercise your right to  question.

You refused to acknowledge your role.

You looked away from what is important to you.

You allowed this to happen.

You connived to create  misery.

Now you blame but who? You?







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