What did Snow White do?

She had been walking for long.

Her feet tired.Her eyes downcast.

She glanced nervously at the huntsman.He was totally unperturbed.

She looked at his strong muscular arms and legs. If only the fellow would smile a little,her pain would be lesser, she thought.

She just dragged herself aimlessly.

It was clear that the old hag hated her. No matter what she did. How meek and submissive, she tried to look, the woman was upset with her. Always.

She knew that the huntsman was going to kill her, so that no one rivaled the queen in her beauty.

Isn’t my beauty a burden to me?

Am I to be blamed for being beautiful? She cried silently.

She turned to the huntsman and caught his eyes on her.

He quickly turned the direction of his gaze and looked up to study the clouds. Inspired by bollywood?, she smiled to herself.

It could rain and maybe her wet female form would entice him.Maybe she could break into a dance.

Maybe she could just run away.

Maybe a lion would come roaring and gobble him up and leave her alone.Beauty and the beast is indeed a true story , the maid had told her.

It was better to have some support in this unknown terrain. It was better to befriend the enemy.

Snow white fell behind carelessly, carefully stepping into the toes of the huntsman. She looked at him,her eyes flaming in love and desire.

The huntsman could not but hold the waft like girl who fell into his arms. He bent to kiss her  and the rest as they say, is history.

Did the queen find out? She should have been wiser, thought Snow white.



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