a to z challengeI love the word Amazingo. Its mine. Its my expression of joy, of achievement,of celebration, of reaching a new mile stone.

I was fence sitting on a decision to start something when an external validation, in the form of a friend asking me , so when are planning to start those classes? came and I committed without blinking an eye, coming Sunday. I also  charged her with the task of finding out if others  would be interested in joining the class. Yesterday, she came back telling me that  7 ladies and 2 gentlemen cool as cucumber, consider it worth while to spend their time in learning. I am thrilled, obviously. In taking classes in communication I would be doing just what I love to do.

In fact, spending more time and energy on things you love to do, that which comes naturally to you can pay you high dividends. That’s what the Pareto Principle says.

Initially the Pareto Principle was a reference to the observation that 80% of Italy’s wealth belonged to 20% of the population. But applying it widely one understands that life is not all about even distribution.

So one observes that 20% of workers contribute 80%  towards work in a company. 20% of a company’s services  bring  80% of  revenues.20% of what you love doing can bring you 80% of joy and prosperity.

I wonder why then school education should be all about pushing unwanted information down the throat of the student. If the student could choose what to learn on the basis of his likes and dislikes, learning would be so much more joyful an experience. Yes, not every body would want to  become an engineer or doctor then.  

But if  a child chose dance over regular studies, will he be allowed to do that?









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  1. This is exactly why I hated the school system when I was a student 🙂 And looking back, the only things I remember from school are what interested me at the time. There are some schools in my country that allow students a small amount of freedom to choose which aspect they want to study. I really wish there was a kind of point system that lets children with a propensity for beta studies to get most of their study points through those classes and then they only have to go to English class to have enough points to go to the next grade.

    Or something like that.

    And then having a teacher that is so very good that you want to keep listening and you have a combination that will make for a lot happier kids 🙂

    Happy A to Z! And sorry for the rambling 😀

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    • Sylvia, thanks for writing in. Loved the rambling:-)
      In one of those rare moments of teacherly pride and arrogance, I scolded a child for writing in poor English. He replied that he was good at carpentry, tabla and was a good swimmer.
      Such confidence!
      I realized the stupidity of my criticism.I also learnt a very useful lesson that the notion of learning and education should be broader and more inclusive.


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