a to z challenge

[We sat hunched

he& I

hugging our knees

our nose jutting into the candle flame]

Dear, he said.

& i could not breathe

its past. (his words slow,deliberate.)

much has happened since.

u cling to me.

i wonder why?


it does not interest me.

u that is.

ur pains, ur pangs ,ur pleasures.

ur so called struggles.

u think high of me.

thanks. but no thanks.

i don’t.

have never done.

u & i go back a long way.

but i….. have moved on.

& i am happy.

u were dear.once.

now, not so.

so plz….

he walked out.

I ….slowly….. snuffed out….. the candle.

and turned in, within, inward

……sometime later

I felt an arm

or did i?



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