Out to eat in 100 Rs

Cane-O-La, Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore: If you are looking for some healthy refreshment then you should go to Cane-O-La where you can have fresh sugar cane juice flavored with lime,ginger, chat masala only at Rs 15.

You might want to have something that is light and energizing, then you can stop at any tender coconut juice vendor, all you need to pay is Rs. 25.The price can  go up to Rs.30  at some places.

A plateful of Bhelpuri that  comes at Rs 25 and  one tender coconut  helped me feel as if I had  a sumptuous meal the other day.

On the Bannerghatta Road, near Gopalan Mall here in Bangalore, you can have delicious Pav Bhaji within  the range of Rs. 50 for a plate. The  varieties of Pav Bhaji served include, Cheese PavBhaji, Paneer Pav Bhaji, Chinese Pav Bhaji etc. I am yet to taste all the  varieties but the cost wont go beyond Rs.50, that I can assure you. Besides,the Cheese PavBhaji I tried was yummy.

Then there is the Omlette Wagon, its a cycle trolley  redone as a road side stall, where an ingenious family sells anything based on egg from plain omette, to egg burji to egg fried rice, chinese egg fried rice etc. Again the price ranges between 20 for a plain omlette to 40 for fried rice and other items.

Since its summer, fruits are being sold at every corner. Sliced fruit pieces, with a fruit pick and some chat masala sprinkled over makes for delicious snacks for the wayfarers. Mostly its water melon ,papaya, raw mango, guava and jack fruit that’s on sale. Again the prices are reasonable and there’s always a happy crowd munching on the healthy alternatives to beat the heat.

The regular Pani puri stalls dot every street. An orchestrated competition on who beats whom in consuming maximum number of puris goes on uninterruptedly in most of the stalls.

While you don’t see too many of peanut sellers in the summer, its possible to have them in paper cones from the gentle man on Marenahalli road.Only thing is that  you have to be on the watch to see that the peanuts that get filled into your cone are reasonably big. Other wise you might walk away with a bad taste in your mouth. With the price being unreasonably low, you are left with no option to complain…

Now if you are looking for something heavier to fill your stomach, you can walk into any udupi style restaurant or the varieties of sagar restaurants where you can have a happy meal for way below 100. You can try the delicious idlis, the many varieties of dosas which are as tasty as they are healthy.

Well! if you are not too keen on pastries, pastas and biriyanis its  still possible to have some decent food without spending much from your pocket, even in these rather costlier times.

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