Queue? Phew!!!

The train came to a halt at Bhopal. Anxious for my place, I rushed in baby,luggage and all. As we jostled to get in,an elderly woman trying to climb down, chided us, can’t you people wait?

Well, we are not used to that are we?

At the temple, once the door of the  sanctum sanctorum opens after arathi, devotees jostle trying to get the best view of the deity for that moment of direct connect, till they are herded off by the temple authorities to make space for others. The pushing and pulling continues, me first , me first, till one reaches the next god demanding obeisance.

The guests at a wedding will go to any length to jump the queue to dig into the rice sambhar 2 seconds before the next person.After that they head to the mantap or the stage to have that best picture clicked. Again a mini riot breaks out as the sweating newly married couple try to keep up the smiles for the camera, while being pushed and pulled from both sides by photo-opportunistic friends and relatives.

Have you not used  public transport? Surely then you would have experienced the need to let go and be pushed or led to the entry and exit of  a train or bus if you want to reach your destination!

Queue is not just our thing.

Chaos! Yes!

So we say queue!!! phew!!!

a to z challenge


Panditji rings the bell.It is  5 pm. That’s the time when the official pooja at his residence happens. At sharp 3pm , panditji would proceed to have his bath. Once he is out in his wet clothes, he would rush to pour water to the  Tulasi plant, look up at the burning sun and retire for pooja. His understanding and ever supportive mother would walk into the kitchen to serve the lunch.

Emerging after an hour or so panditji would proceed to have his lunch. The beautiful lady would wait for her wonderful son and he would munch at his lunch while discussing the spiritual and the worldly. It was after his lunch that he had his nap. The evening one. This was how it went day after day, year after year. The weightier matters of soul,spirit and the universe were his concerns, while his other half grappled with the more mundane chores of cooking, earning and providing.

Panditji had the distinguished ability to foresee what’s to come. He often talked about his ability to predict what is to happen next. What he over looked was the dissonance at home. He looked away when he saw his materialistic, greedy,over ambitious wife stretch herself too thin while he wandered in the spiritual realms of the gods. He perhaps did not realize that his highly placed spiritual mother was doing her bit to make his wife’s life a living hell. Perhaps it was better not to notice these minute details.

Panditiji is a sad soul these days. He complains of negligence, indifference and lack of attention to his details. While he wields his power in the spiritual realms, he expects his bread to reach his table on time. To this end he often puffs and huffs sacred mantras in sanskrit, travels to remotest villages, visits divinities, sprays sandal wood oil and various other unctions in and around his dwelling. This he hopes in will reign in the evil spirits.

Greed, ambition and materialism nothing can be more dangerous than these. Panditji is in search of a realized soul to show him the path to wield his power over the unrelenting,disobedient,egoistic women in his life.

Let’s wish him good luck.

May the spirits of the universe respond!