Glamorous Granny & You

Glamorous Granny is all of 90

Some say she is stiff

Some think she is deaf

but when her man died

she ordered wine

neighbors frowned

sons & daughters squirmed

all she said was

I  got to have his daily dose!

Glamorous Granny all of 90

shops in her mini

walks a little tipsy

and if you ask her

who is the most powerful

she says , YOU

ask her who loves the best

she says, YOU.

says she, love yourself before you love others.

The day her man died

she gave up her prayers

when asked she said,

now that I got what I want

there’s nothing more to pray for!!!

Then she called up ‘his girl friend’

and went for a movie together.

When neighbors frowned

and sons & daughters squirmed

she said, got to keep a promise right?!!!

Glamorous Granny all of 90

stooped a little, but never bent

sobbed a little, but never wept

and if you asked her

who kept her alive?

she said, YOU

who was her lucky charm?

she said, YOU.

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