An Adage A Day-Look before you leap

I am definitely enjoying the idea of writing about proverbs. It does make me feel like I am back at school attempting compositions but is it so really? These proverbs or usages have a timeless relevance in our lives. A little time spent in thinking about these words of wisdom early in the morning is going to do me a whole lot of good.Besides, I write because I LOVE TO WRITE.

Here goes the proverb for today- Look before you leap

What an appropriate thought for the day when I just had my farewell yesterday.

Look before you leap is all about investing time in analyzing the pros and cons of an action. So while I decide to move on , I did spend a lot of time thinking and understanding my new role and its demands on my personal and professional life.Are the rewards worthy enough?

While one needs to think/look  before one takes any action, I would say there is a need to think many times before one speaks. There are far too many people who take no responsibility for what they say  or what they do in this world. Some times words do more harm than actions!

An acclaimed spiritual master exposed his spiritual poverty when he publicly criticized a young girl who was felicitated for her brave attitude and continued efforts to bring education to girls across the planet. The master thus stands to lose some of the sheen of years of social service and guidance through his poorly articulated thoughts.

Most of the so-called lake apartments, happily release their waste into the lake. Recently, the road from Doddakammanahalli to Bannerghatta in  South Bangalore was blocked for around 3 months. When asked I was told that the waste from a “prestigious” apartment complex was being diverted to the nearby lake. Hence the block.

How interesting is it that the BBMP, the residents and builders should join the chorus and complain about the contaminated lakes of Bangalore!


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  1. Today’s TOI headline reads that Green bench bans buildings withing 75m of water bodies. The bench has fined Mantri Techzone and Coremind Software and services Rs 117 crore and Rs. 13.5 crore respectively. Perhaps an indication of better concern for our surroundings.


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