As you step into college

As you step into the college,my love

I realise you are a lady in your own right

except for the bits of girlie-child-like part in you

hanging around like the fringes on your forehead.

(I am reminded of how I went to college

dreaming over a certain someone)

I hope you do better in man- grabbing as well as life- earning

those vital ingredients for happiness.

Even if you clue into someone,don’t lose your moorings altogether

for there are many other bye lanes to happiness & contentment.

Most importantly make the best of what is yours

own yourself and feel proud of who you are.

Believe firmly in the infinite possibilities of yourself

for always you have been a proud little one

sure-footed,kind and considerate

be the same.

You will meet men & women of all kinds

the smiling villains and the unsmiling ones

the gentle,the kind and the lovelorn ones

watch,make friends,enjoy the ride.

At times,lend a hand,stop to smile,pat a back,be a friend.

The dreams you hold are truly yours,trust them.

Let no man ever belittle you,your dreams, your aspirations

if they do, don’t hesitate to walk away.

I am around as long as I can, if I am not,believe me ,I am still around.

So long, go ahead,reach out, rule the world.

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