Loving Self

You look perplexed

at this sudden silence

at this total blank out.

I understand.

Perhaps you never noticed

the silence that blotted our living

the smile that strained the lips

we growing apart,staying together

of dried up channels of emotions

then exchanges,finally glances

of how we formed our own niche

of small un intrusive worlds -mine -yours

I got used to the silence

the peace and tranquility of non-pretense.

So should you.

Having long left those spaces

of waiting,of wanting,of dreaming

I found a slice of serendipity

of the self and its company

and I am loving it.




The mirror smiled oblivion

Scratching the sheen off her conscience

withered and sturdy with time

she peered for cracks

for little peep holes of emotions

of hurts, of this should not be me’s

of tiny rivulets of hidden shames

of bulging bellies

of sagging you know whats

not yet a home

no steady income

over the hill

down in the deep

losing steadily

a no-brainer all through

finding none, not a single one

she turned her attention to

the poker marked face

the marks,the deep pits,the freckles,the wrinkles

the mask was cracking?!!!

ha! she, the other jumped in joy

there it’s traces of  hurt, the pinch, the twitch

& the mirror simply smiled oblivion.