Tried and Tested Relationship Advisor

So you should watch after her. Keep your eyes open. Who does she text? Where does she go? Try and follow. Keep a track. Keep assuring her of your support. She will realize your power sooner than later. You see, I am able to see in her (trust my ability to see, to foresee) a gnawing guilt. A guilt that is eating into her heart. Did she make you coffee and look at you lingeringly? It says something. It says that she is perhaps regretting her misdemeanors. Her small little perversions.She is willing to reconcile. In between I suggest you crack 1 or 2 jokes, a filmy dialogue here and there. Remember, that does it with these women. They always fall for it. Right now I am searching for the right dialogue, once I find I will surely share it with you. In the mean while keep telling me of your problems, pour some water to the tree on the left side of the right side of your home. Paste some chandan on the right side of your left nose, keep it there. Its fragrance can have a magnetic effect on her. If at all she falls for it remember she is going to stay with you, provide for you, care for you, serve you.Try going to her in the dead of the night, dripped in sandal wood oil, say this mantra 10 times in silence 20 times aloud, 30 times facing east and 40 times facing west. That should really do it, remove all the obstacles in your married life. Perhaps you two could happily be sleeping together after. I have been trying to apply this formula at my home and have found some success. I even got a cup of tea from her with ginger in it. More over though I have not really been productive for the past 6-7 years and she has not yet thrown me out. I just muster some tears in my eyes every time my joblessness is brought up.Trust me , there is power in the emotions and the puja.  Rest assured. The planets are watching her every move and I am your only interpreter on the earth.For more tips and ideas to reign in your way ward spouse, call me or better still visit me after my wife leaves for her office. We will talk it over a cup of coffee.

Ps: Carry your purse while visiting

Yours truly, trusted and tested

the one and only relationship adviser in town

specializes in divinity,proximity to spirits above and below 🙂



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