Talking Soul

*After the darkest days

beyond the harshest experiences

the soul still smiles

that’s the secret of life*

*Even in the silence of my tongue

my heart is eloquent

the one who listens

knows me well*

*Coz death comes home

a compulsive visitor

in your joys or sorrows

the wise open the door

smile gracing the soul*

*Unbeknowest to me

I held forth a promise

a seedling that grew wild yet strong

in the harshness of time and chance

when recovering from amnesia

the moment I acknowledged

the promise that I am

I know I exist*

*When at last  you came

I had put up my hopes

dusty dreams were thrown out of my cupboard

in the nook and crannies of my heart

debts and ditch sat side by side

but then you came

opening a chink in my armor

spreading like fragrance in my head

and it seemed like a good life again*








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