Dons at Dhwani

Dons at Dhwani !!!Beware!!!

(Statutory warning issued in the interest of Toast Masters past, present & future)

All the motor mouths head west

and the rest well! REST or RUST!!!

So the motor mouths

those with the gift of the gab

head west and sit

tight in tension

awaiting the roll call…..

When suddenly he appears materializing from thin air

flashing the sword and buckling the sash

eh? the sergeant ….the one always at arms

you gonna attend the call

your boy friend’s or nature’s?!

know that the Sergeant is always around

Is he the Angel?

Nah, my friend, he’s the wily Agnel

Posing to be your uncle eyeing you

With a rule book in hand!

You try to escape and are caught by the one who

peers, jeers and investigates

your progressions and your many digressions

you better be good

coz she can mark you wrong

she even tracks you with vengeance

roaring CCs and CLs into your dreams

They call her Naina

the VP Ed who can leave you quite dead

You take a turn to left

And bump into the lady in red

thunder trails

and lightning flashes

when she makes you wish her not once but thrice

she even exacts a price

by putting your worst picture on FB and god knows where!

She’s called Ambika

they say she is kinda PR-rrring

Beware of this one even more dangerous

Disguising her smartness in her lithe frame

forever calculative and chasing

do this, do that,

counting points,dreaming trophies

she hunts you down

for every sound you ever made

stay clear, that’s Meghala

she’s the President I hear!

The other day I smiled by mistake

and the lady with curls

and a bindi in place

pushed a form into my trembling hand

& with a gun to my forehead

Roared, SUBMIT!

That’s the one called Vani

Quite the dread

Always hunting for members

alive or dead!

This one, the gentler of the 2 men in the fold

Makes you think he is somewhat sane

but beware the man

asks for money, money, money every time

forcing you to pay up

every time you turn up

he is the Treasurer

take to heels if you value your life

They call him Prakash

Better be aware fella!

The one another with a slow sly smile

is rather thin

and is watching you close, your every move

whether you open your mouth

or you shut it twice

he makes a note and reports it too

he is called the Secretary

and goes by the name Chetan , no,not Satan!

It’s a dreadful gang

here at Dhwani

yet I wonder why

men & women flock

(for what joy!)

PS: Dhwani Toast Masters Club is a vibrant active place on Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore. Each Toast Masters Club has a list of officers who are in charge of running the club. Starting with Sergeant at Arms, Secretary, Treasurer,VP PR,VP Ed and the President. The officers are constantly chasing targets,some times making members’ life a little difficult.This is the account of a much harassed member.










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