An Unequal Giving

The path is oblivious of its end

its mantra being to

wind and unwind

to just go on

or stop abruptly.

Sometimes on finding an opening

in the bushes

behind the walls

after the river

the path sets out again

on a timeless,boundless journey

in another direction

to an end it does not care about.

The traveler eager,fervent in his desires

unsure of himself

weds himself to the path

hoping fervently for her attention

her care, her comfort and her arms

ties his heart and soul to the path.

Its an unequal giving

one gives his all

the other does not give nor gain

Indifferent,sufficient in herself

complete and content

she neither hopes nor regrets

she knows no care, nor love, nor hatred

to those who take her or those who abandon her

She is what she is because she is

winding and unwinding to eternity.





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