You are lazy!

You are lazy, he said

and I was stunned!

I just could have walked away

or slapped him tight

or pulled up his collars

or glared at him through and through

but I did not,I sat heavy,stuck to my chair

This is new, I thought!

I have been told before

you are not smart

you don’t look good

you are not sophisticated

you are not mature

you are not quick on your feet

you are too simple

you have no attention to details

you are selfish( I had a huge problem with that!)

you are old, you are going bald

you are fat,not fair enough

you smile too much

you are pimply and dimply

you are materialistic

you are not practical

you are silly, not corporate enough

not adult enough, not woman enough

oh yes, been there, done that!

too long to care any more

but This was new!

Did you say, I am lazy?

I turned to him,a few seconds later yelling

you buffoon, you criminal, you disgusting human being

(Why insult animals?!!!)

Then there was silence and much peace. Almost.





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