Preparing the child for THE entrance exam

My good friend “S” is blessed with 2 very bright and beautiful kids, the radiant girl “S” and a tiny brat called “S”.

Smart mom that she is, “S” spends enough time with her children, helps them in their home work,monitors their school work and discusses with other moms about what more she could do for her kids.

Interestingly, her daughter “S”is a gifted child. A young lady who has a mind of her own and is determined to do nothing short of the best. “S”, the son is not too keen to impress teachers but is definitely capable of doing great at school.

Now what troubles, “S”, the mom ? Like every other mom, S after doing more than her bit for her children, is always worried of not doing enough. The question that taunts her is what more should I do for my children?  There is something about moms that make them guilt-factories….

Well! guilt-ridden thoughts like was the break fast good enough? Am I taking care of my children in the right honorable manner? Perhaps I should find time and money to take her to that dance class? Or may be chess in the evenings? Should I arrange tuition for her?Should we shift our residence to a better locality, may be nearer to school? Is there enough protein in the diet? Is the hair strong and black enough? May be I should tell them more stories, well! for that I have to read them first! Or mathematics, should I give them interesting puzzles to improve their memory skills, along with soaked almonds, but then I don’t know what 2+2 is !

God! there is not a moment of dullness in a mother’s life!

When “S” asks me what she should do to prepare her smart wiz kid for an entrance exam to a school, I am stumped!

As it is schools are dying for students and will welcome them with open arms. Secondly, “S” will easily stand out in any group with her quiet confidence and abilities.  Thirdly, what can schools ask a 7 year old,more than the regular math and spellings?

But yes! some schools can go crazy with their entrance tests. Since proving their market value and standard is so important, they can come up with absurdly difficult and complicated questions even for a  7 year old.

In an age when information is free for all to find and use, its only attitude that schools should concentrate on.Strangely, schools would’t agree and if they did, what happens to their haloed existence in public minds as the be-all and end- all of knowledge?

But since “S” insisted here are some sites to look up for fun!



PS: Trust your child and his/her abilities. Trust yourself. You are doing the best you can for your kids! Kudos to all moms and dads across the globe!




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