Blossoming In love

Her wide bright eyes sparkled in a light of its own in spite of the heaviness of the pain she must have borne when she went through it all. It’s her, my mother, she said almost casually. She has left our home in anger. She does it regularly. My father had to call up the police to trace her.

When I was young, my mom often branded me with hot iron for a grade missed or a rank lost. I, for one, never knew one could have friends. I did not know that it was ok to go out with friends. It was good to have friends even. I was told it was bad. A lot of things I thought were  bad, deprived me of fun while I grew up. I was a good student, a topper all through and a most obedient one.Yet, there was no way I could convince her that I was capable and confident.

Then I met him, this shy yet confident man, my fiance’, my lover. Over the past three years of our relationship, he led me through experiences of sharing, of meeting others, of laughing. He told me constantly, it’s ok to laugh out loud. It’s ok to go out with friends. It’s ok to be the way you are.

He is my blessing, my pillar and my strength.

The beauty of our love is that it is not insecure.

He asked me to go abroad to study, I didn’t want to, leaving him behind. His reasoning was simple. You, he said, are far more intelligent than I am. Had I been the topper at college, I would have gone abroad for the PhD but between the two of us, you are the smarter one. I want you not to compromise on your dreams.

She laughed giggling at his weird, funny expressions of love for her. It’s a gift not many have, he, that is, she said, now almost shy. Then she sat quietly, spent of the exuberance her love for him brought into her.

Her curly hair dancing, her lovely eyes twinkling, she was a picture of quiet happiness.

Something tugged my heart, at the greatness of the emotions these two young people shared for each other.

A silent prayer went up and we sipped our coffee.

As fulfilling as love itself is, so is the joy of watching others give and take love freely, generously, allowing space and growth. I felt sad for the mother, whose insecurities kept her away from the brilliance of her beautiful daughter. Well! insecurities or lop-sided notions? Now who can answer that???


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