Office & Friendships

You walk a mile

I walk two for you

she smiled

yet there were fissures

oozing tears in the facade

cracks growing deeper by the day.

Having come a long way

having set the tone for the song of her life

with her own music

she was still unsure.

“I thought I found a friend

but the fiend of competition ruined it”

The two souls who could just have let their hair down

to share a laugh and crack up a little more

now put up against each other in a show of strength

strained to look into each others eyes.

In an atmosphere of distrust and veiled jealousies

there was no room for compassion

the space for ‘I lend a hand, you lend a hand’

was so horribly convoluted with silly complexities

that there was space only for pretensions and putting ups.

When the mask of mutual love,caring and respect came down

the smoke screen of delusion had already faded.

Yet there was hope.

There will be a time to laugh again with a good soul

there will be a time to sit down and smile

catch a play or cook up a prank but till then

the  journey is meant to be solo, I heard her sigh

if its the design of life itself, so be it.




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