Wisdom from the Dust

Thus She Spake, The Speckle of Dust

“Can you not hear it?

the muffled cries of pain

the twisting bodies writhing in agony

the crushing sound of the hearts

can you not decipher from the silence ?

the meaningless ramblings

the long drawn out laughters

the silent chuckles

the threats, the whimpers, the screams

Can you not reckon?

the depth of thoughts

the frowning foreheads

the missing beats

Can you not remember ?

the lives past

the heart rending screams

of souls past,present and future

of great thoughts and noble intentions

of greater love ethereal, ennobling

of torments endured

of the vanquished and the victors

in that handful of dust

you hold close to your heart

you tread upon nimble, unsure.”

“O man! O man!

listen sometimes to the ground you walk on

to the breeze you breathe in

to the waters you quench your thirst with

bloodied stained and dried

embossed with  invisible stories of now and ever.

listen in when arrogance sweeps your heart

when ambition clouds your mind

when helpless you stand in face of the storm

listen to the universe

and her indifferent laughter.

when you count your monies and cry

when you count the hurts and weep

when you hit the wall and fall

hear then the indifferent laughter of the universe

she has seen it all

the monotonous tale of  the living

coz she knows you survive if you are meant to

otherwise perish!”

So be it! Tathastu! (Say all!)


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