The Modern Scholar Gypsy!

She said, “that’s what I want to do”.”Not for me the office, the boss and the deadlines. Nor the sarcasm and the sneers. Neither  these petty drops of munificence. My wants are little, my means be they lesser.Stifled in the cloistered corridors of powerlessness, I would die. The world is my canvass. I would dance, paint and wander the lonely lands, take lazy turns or just sun gaze. I would eat or dance or sing but not to please. I for one would lord my world. If love wants attention, let it be my companion. Else there is enough in this world to hold me in interest. I am at times bewildered at the thoughtlessness of adulthood. The race of mercenaries pretending to have a cause. It disgusts me to hear of the games behind the games, the news behind the news, the shows that go unseen and the shows that are meant to be seen. The more I know, the less I wish I knew! Leave me to myself, to my pleasures or my pain. I will wander the plains and hills, I will be the minstrel of the unruly, the unkempt. Be me uncouth in this world of nauseating polish and pretension where men are brands and parade is all one has to do. Years of schooling killed my joy, replacing it with a constant anxiety for things that do not matter at all.Yes, what would matter when the earth shakes and the skies shower?Who would dare hold his temporary piece of permanence in face of nature’s fury? Who can?Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my pizza and my burger. I love biting into my ice cream as my mouth fills itself with smooth choclatee nuttiness. I love my songs, the movies and the rest. Yes, there is in me the girl who wants to parade the attire straight from the fashion shows in Milan and don the street wear with ease. Some times in the wisdom of my 18 years of existence,I look ahead and feel not so enthused with what life offers to me, or what paths I would be expected to take. I wish to do just my thing.Be me, just me. I see that jeer, that turn of the lip. You do not matter to me. Fend off, bugger!”


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