10 Reasons not to quit your job

Don’t quit your job because you suffer from any of the given chronic ailments of a creative mind:

  • My Spouse, My Purse:  Your hard working spouse earns enough and more. So you decide to live off his/her income. You might just pull it off for sometime but certainly before you lose your spouse and his/her purse, go fend for yourself.
  • Born Rich: You hope to inherit property from your parents and you are secretly counting their days on the planet. Good luck! because unless your property is self-replenishing by nature, you are unlikely to  sustain for long.
  • Married Rich:Was that part of a plan or was that accidental or mere providence? Whatever that is, remember that your spouse’s inheritance is his/hers primarily.
  • I Did My Job: Coz you worked for 10 years of your 55 years of existence, you cannot think that you can loaf around and go jobless!
  • The Avenger: That you have an ax to grind with your boss, company, neighborhood, gods above, demons below or your in-laws and your spouse doesn’t warrant you to quit your job and go jaywalking in the moonlight!
  • My Rich Sis/Bro: Family bonds are wearing thin and its better not to bank on such accidental mercies!
  • The Guru Cool: However cool your guru might be and however effective you believe his/her ability to read and predict your tomorrows be – don’t quit your job …Plzzzz. Besides, the guru is not going to charge you less, because you are jobless.
  • The Entrepreneur Bug: The most recent and the most contagious of all the virus causing job quitting is the rather uncontrollable urge to make it on your own. Look, look many times before you leap. Think, think hundred times before you quit!
  • The Zamindari Appendicitis: Do you belong to a family of royal lineage?Did your grand father ever own an elephant? Did your parents parade you as the next inheritor to kingdoms they never owned? Then you are likely to take your neck to the guillotine and say good bye to your monthly income and idle. What a pain!
  • The Lottery King: In the eventuality of your banking on the lottery ticket you bought hoping to be declared the winner, there’s nothing I can say to you. Whether you work or not doesn’t make any difference,all you would do is spend it on buying more tickets anyways!


-A Wailing Victim of Circumstances Contrived and Otherwise

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