Lazarus and more

When was it that it happened,

the actual death?

Years of poisoning had left me immune to pain

slow,slender,sly, sleep-inducing.

Your attempts at seducing me to everlasting sleep

lulled me to your baseness.

I knew it all along, didn’t I?

I did.

Yet, keeping you busy in your malevolent games

was my game-plan.

You would not have guessed

pleased as you were with the dancing minions

of sedatives coating my food.

Surely it kept my thinking away from you

celebrating your success as you were

the dancing evil in your life

egging you on to poison, to kill

if only to rule a lost mind and a lost body

to conquer a free thought, a freer spirit.

Yes,you killed

the incantations must have given you power

you megalomaniac


but just a little of me , not all, not at all.

I have lived enough, to know enough

to know what I show of me to whom and when.

Go celebrate the kill

Go dance in the wilderness

the death is here

not of me, but of a little of  me

and we are strangers you and I



PS: Reading Lazy Lazarus!




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