A Polite Petition to the Indian Street Dog


I said polite, humble, mindful of my status

of being one so meagre

so utterly inconsequential in the scheme of things

forever caught in fears profound

averse to risk and dangers of all kinds

one who on all fours

begs  favors

for an extra piece of pizza

or a piece of land

some more broth

or other such things mundane

like love and living.

What makes  you so

proud, strong and fearless?

for often I see you

sun bathing in the moonlight

just by the road end

unafraid of the rushing vehicles

threatening to cut into your paws

where you stretch out in leisure

refusing  to budge

and glance lazily

or even snore?

What gives you the confidence

If I may ask to cross the roads

when the maddening pace

of man-run machines

heading to god knows-where

rush past as if hungry for a meal

to wander in to the middle of the road

ever so casual ?

Or sometimes

you just move your butt a bit

not worried of your tail even

to make way for a lorry or so

why sir?

Should I call it bravery, or stupidity or courage

I cannot seem to decide?

You, I have often seen

rule the land

which you roam

and with a keen eye

watch every stranger

in the dead of the night.

I admire you much

for such nonchalance.

But so often as I caught in the web of living

rush to a place to stick my butt to earn my bread

attempting to meet my  never meeting -ends

and just about survive, forget living!

I have often wanted to stop

to confer this piece of advice

call your brood, Sir

counsel form committees and send declarations

but for god’s sake stay away from the road side

some of my kind being dim wits, half wits and no-wits

can be pretty threatening to the safety of your life.

Live long, Sir.

PS: Tired of seeing dog corpses strewn on the roads across the city! Can the dogs not learn to communicate the dangers of straying close to the roads to their kith and kin? Or can we drive more mindful of them?

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