Swan Song by A Lake in Bangalore

I wail  in agony

living  half dead

while you walk about

or sit on your haunches

puffing  in venom

waiting for my last breath to expire.

Yet,  you came to me time and again

to ensure that I am done for good

so you can

pick my bones

needle my flesh

look for my soul.

The reeds and the weeds

did me no harm

nor the  dirt you ditched in me

it still meant my relevance to you

or so I thought.

I lived for others

even you

your fathers, your mothers

revered me

trusted me

valued me

helped me be

and many like me

to quench the thirst of the eternal mother

yours and mine

who shares her bounty with your kind

through me!

Yet you live only to kill

thriving in the death of

my surroundings

my bosom friends

then me,mercilessly

you plunder

ignorantly leading to your own very end.

Bring, bring in those machines

monstrous, macabre

let the dance begin

my death and then yours!

May your home prosper on my corpse!

(Said the lake to the man, here in Bangalore!)







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