Krishna Samaksham/ In front of Lord Krishna

the temple bells ringing

the incense sticks burning

many heads bowing

tears down my cheeks streaming

eyes closed

i stand in thoughts

of one who touches me invariably

of one who lifts my spirits

of one who lived,loved

teaching to love and live

the player boy

the endearing child

the man

the protector

and the destroyer

the king

the cowherd

the man of many hues

the man above every man

in the temple

dressed in chandan

adorned with tulsi leaves

the Lord blue

Sree Krishna

he who is everything

something to everyone









The significance of the seemingly insignificant


I hold a button in my  hand

I am thinking of the person who had it on his shirt or pant

what did he think

what did she dream

I hold a button in my hand

small round and white

I found it lying on the ground

a little thing from long ago

with stories I will never know- AMY LV

Steve Jobs apparently hated them and hence  apple products do not have  them . This rather tiny winy little thing – the button that acts as a fastener , holding pieces of fabric together .. the seemingly insignificant something you notice only when you lose it ,like the love and care of  that special someone in your life  , like the air you breathe, like those numerous  little things you and I always take for granted .

The use of buttons has been recorded as early as some 5000 years…

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