Hope lives on

Hope lives in the vast swathes of lands sheared of green

in the lake beds, rivers and oceans breathing their last

in the failed escapabilities of  2 lover chimpanzees from a Bengaluru zoo

in the many living awaiting auction in the slave markets in far off lands

among the many girls living under fear with Boko Haram and such

amidst the women who live in the hope of seeing another day

among the multitudes of children who lose their way home

among the men who lose the purpose of living

amidst those whose sole end is to end

in the orders of leaders who fight to fuel more fight

in the  hypocrisies of love and yearning

in the pain of  education and ignorance

in our ability to expend on luxuries

when existence is a question

in the efforts of those who give voice to the unheard

in the ways of those who glean success in failures

in bonds that hold against being held

in a universe that hears,sees and responds

despite the numerous forwards and uploads.


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