It’s my body

“It’s my body,” she said angrily. “Its been months now years even, since I allowed my husband to touch me.He barely tolerates me otherwise. Why should night be any different? I hate to be used by anyone.”

“He calls me useless because I refuse to sleep with him. Yes, I refuse to sleep with my husband and it’s my decision. Do I still enjoy sex? Perhaps I do. Not for perfunctoriness of the act, not as a conjugal duty but as an act of love, yes, may be.” As she spoke, lines of worry creased her otherwise beautiful visage.

She’s, 43 and looks half her age. Her perfectly coiffured hair sets off her brown eyes brilliantly, the colored lips and the wide smile makes her a warm inviting person. Yet, she said, “Its a cold life, rather too cold. I am threatened that I will be left back home. Oh, yes, I said do it. I will be delighted to be on my own. That’s exactly what I want.”

Married soon after her graduation, Anu barely had time to make sense of what was happening in her life. At her marriage, she said, “I am not very beautiful, perhaps there cannot be a better guy for me. My parents are insistent and I just agreed to their demand. ”

The birth of her little boy and the joys of nurturing him kept her engaged. It helped that her husband was well-placed monetarily. “Yes, we did have our share of fun.”

After coming to Bangalore, Anu wanted to explore work like other ladies in her apartment. Her friends urged her to find some work and get out of the confines of her home. Anu was keen, her husband did not agree. “What will you do outside? Who will employ you? You are pretty stupid.” He said to her,killing whatever self esteem she had.

When her husband got a transfer to another place and with her only son in college, Anu took her friend’s help to get a job, a decent one, an administrator in an educational institution.

After joining, after earning her first salary, Anu was thrilled to bits.” They absolutely adore me at my work. They have only compliments to shower on me.” Soon Anu was driving herself to work.

The work, the appreciation,the admiring glances of her colleagues worked wonders. Anu was all aglow when her husband came home for a short vacation. And the fight broke out.

“What is it with him?”,Anu cried, “Why can’t he take no for an answer?”

As her disgruntled spouse threatened to divorce her and find a new partner for himself, Anu cried in delight, “I want just that!”

Anu’s spouse has returned to where he is posted.He has assured her that he will get himself transferred back to the city. ” I want to see how long you will enjoy, once I am here”, he added menacingly.

Anu sighed. Until he returns….peace!


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