Julie & Julia – The Movie

Julie and JuliaJulie and Julia is a classic. A story spanning the lives of two women rescued from the drudgery of life by their love for food.

Julia played by the incomparable Meryl Streep smirking, throwing off her shoulders in gay abandon, sniffing the air and closing her eyes in orgasmic joy even before she takes her first bite is a real treat for the eyes.

It is impossible  to forget Julia’s delightful mannerisms which prompt Paul her husband to say that ‘to watch Julia in the kitchen is to be present at an orchestra’ or something to that effect. Paul is that adorable man who stands firmly by his ladies side even when she literally towers over him.

Scene change to Julie, the young, newly married assistant at the LMDC, Lower Manhattan Development Corporation’s call centre where all she can do is to listen politely to the grievances and abuses hurled at LMDC by the aggrieved residents. Julie is tormented by the guilt of not being able to complete any task, especially writing the novel in which she invested a lot of time. In order to  restore her self confidence, she decides to cook 524 recipes of Julia Child’s famed ‘Mastering the art of French cooking’ in 365 days, challenging herself to take the task to its fruition. She records her experiences in blog which becomes wildly popular. The complete self-absorption of Julie  in her task causes matrimonial discord but her husband returns to support her after a brief period of alienation.

More than the individual journeys of two self willed and competent women to fulfill their personal goals, the movie is also about the men in their lives who bask in the glory of the success of their loved ones.

True relationships are spaces where individuals grow with the support from each other.

Neither Julia’s nor Julie’s journey to professional success would  have materialized with out the support by their respective spouses.

There are no self scripted stories of success. There is always the prayers and good wishes of some special people in every rags to riches story.

More power to Meryl Streep, you are a true legend!




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