Of teachers,today and tomorrow

I was listening intently to a young girl, a teacher, a college lecturer, one who lived to teach. ‘It is my passion’, she said simply. ‘To teach’. And then she recounted her experiences in the classroom. Its not always that I am able to listen without butting in, but here I just sat my ears tuned in,my eyes glued to her expressive face. I could see how she would have been in the classroom, with utterly no pretense about her. There’s no air. She is simple. Down-to-earth, practical, sorted out.

She was more than what I would normally expect from a 25 year old. I laughed heartily, felt her emotions, saw what happened in the classroom. I saw the joy she brings to a class room in her eyes,neatly kohled, now tearing up in laughter.

I see a teenager at home engaging a 8 year old in her classes. Intent, concerned, pain-staking in her efforts to explain, the teacher wins a grudging admiration from the pupil. The student’s constant questions like ‘So what?Then what? But why?’ keep the teacher on her toes.

A student in my BBA session expressed his desire to teach. When I pointed out that teaching is a job for only those who have the passion, he  seemed bent on proving his dedication to the cause. From the next day after this conversation, there was a definite change in his demeanor. He submitted his assignments and politely asked for feedback. The future educator seemed to be preparing for his role.

Not many youngsters openly admit their love for teaching.

Is it because it is not a well-paid job? Or is it the social hypocrisy that entrusts teachers with responsibilities to take care of its most important asset and neglect them altogether?

A lot has to happen to restore the teacher’s faith in his role in the society.

In recent years, it was only APJ Kalam who reiterated the role of the teacher in the making of a good tomorrow thus giving a major boost to the plunging self confidence of the teaching community.

Towards happy hours in teaching, towards a better tomorrow.


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