Gratitude Wins

It took me time to understand how it works and when I found out the magic of gratitude, I held on to it.

It has since become my lifeline to count ways to thank every single minute of living.

Sorrows, complaints seem to vanish and new found joys appear as if from nowhere.

What would be called miracles become mainstream leaving hope alive and ticking even when gloom, hopelessness and the worries of  existence crowd the mind.

Ahead the dark abysses of fear, sadness and whatever other feelings of insecurity and unhappiness may there be, the heart convinced by the power of gratitude manages to retain a summery sheen.

At times there is even the audacity to hope for the best in the worst and I am amazed at the power of the mind.

Yes, there are complaints and wish-it-were-so’s but the spell of the doom that such thoughts would otherwise  cast are short and far in between.

In the unrelenting march of challenges that life throws at me as if I were a batsman facing the fury of an opposing bowler,I manage to retain what might look like impractical, dreamy, ungrounded, fly high kind of  hope and faith that is ridiculous even to my common sense but that which eventually pulls me out and sets me on to a path of change for good.

I realize that change being a constant it cannot guarantee itself to be good always. It has to  be bad or not so good at times and that is the character of life.

This being the case I certainly have no reason to complain but to enjoy the ride the bumps, the lows and the highs when they come,as they come.

To waste time in cribbing and counting sorrows would only take me backward than forward.

So it is then decided that  each day I sit down to count, to count the blessings, to be thankful for experiences that make me for better or worse what I am.

It is a long list usually to thank those who stood by and those who turned away, those who sought to help and to be helped, to those who taught a lesson fair or hard, to those who showed the way and led me astray, to that which helps me stand every time I fall and those that cause the fall, there is much to thank and so gratitude wins, every time!





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