Anu Stalks!

“It is nothing but stalking, said Anu. “That I was doing all these days. I am ashamed. I truly am.”

“You know what, I am the kind who thinks of him as my soul mate. This is exactly how I was justifying my actions. What do I do now? Is there any way to apologize?”

She looked at me red faced, her eyes brimming with tears.I got up to hold her hand and ask her,” What happened?”

“I do not have any right, didi. I should have gotten over this infatuation cum love cum obsession long back. But I did not. Instead I let it grow inside me, grow to such an extent that I was  always sending messages or looking up his name on the search engine. I don’t even know if my behavior has harmed him in some way.”

“May be I was looking for an escape from the realities of my life,”she sighed.

Apparently Anu has been trying to connect to someone who was aloof. She would send messages, jokes, complaints, cooked up hysteria and everything else to make her love interest respond to her.

It did not help that though mostly aloof the man did respond once in a while. This gave her hope she said.

I have known Anu for quite a while now. I know that she would not harm any one. But being obsessed about is not a pleasant feeling either. The victim of such stalking has to deal with much unwanted or unsolicited attention.

Anu is a creative woman, bubbly and vivacious as she is moody and quiet. It is difficult to know what goes on in her mind. I never had any inkling of these petty things that she was into. I genuinely love my friend and wanted to help her.

I asked her to do three things to get over this madness and focus on what she should, her career, her passion for gardening and her love for cooking . I always encouraged her to think about the big opportunities that she could create for herself.

So I went to her and hugged her tight. It is kind of her to have trusted me and shared her weakness with me. I was in no mood to criticize for nit-pick.

Instead I made her promise me to do these things:

  • Stop searching the person on net.
  • Remove everything that reminds her of him, out of sight, out of mind!
  • When ever such thoughts arise, pinch yourself and get back to reality.
  • Start yoga
  • Meditate and control the wanderings of the mind.

I am confident about Anu and her abilities. There has been many instances in the past when she surprised me with her thoughtful, informed decision making and planned course of action.

I have given Anu three months time to get back to me with the results. I hope to see some positive results and a very focused and successful Anu in front of me.


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